Israel’s Hopeful Future

Some churches teach that the Lord is done with Israel and the Jewish people. That teaching is called Replacement Theology. They think their church has replaced Israel.

They are wrong.  Scripture reassures us that we can trust the Lord to fulfill His many promises to Israel and to us. “God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. [He never withdraws them once they are given, and He does not change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call.]” Romans 11: 29 (Amplified Bible).

The Bible speaks of a hopeful future for Israel. Israel will be forgiven of all sin. “And so all Israel will be saved. As it is written, ‘The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will banish ungodliness from Jacob. And this will be My covenant (My agreement) with them when I take away their sins. . . . [T]hey are still the beloved (dear to Him) for the sake of their forefathers.”‘ Romans 11:26-28 (Amplified Bible).

Anti-Semitic rhetoric is spreading around the globe at an alarming rate.

. . .

[O]ur response should be. . . . to comfort, strengthen and encourage, assist and uphold the Jews as they are being gathered and restored back to their Land. We are to be a vital part of his end-time plan!

Deborah Kellogg, “Know the Signs and the Times.”

For more information on how you can assist with the joy of Aliyah, contact the Cyrus Foundation.

Aliyah–A Great Move of God!

God is the Ultimate Leader, and He calls every believer to lead others. He called us to participate and to lead others as we follow Him. The call to leadership is a consistent pattern in the Bible.

When God decided to raise up a nation of His own, He didn’t call upon the masses. He called out one leader–Abraham. When He wanted to deliver His people out of Egypt, He didn’t guide them as a group. He raised up a leader to do it–Moses. When it came time for the people to cross into the Promised Land, they followed one man–Joshua.

Every time God desired to do something great, He called a leader to step forward. Today He still calls leaders to step forward for every work–both large and small.

Excerpts from January 1st Devotional, p.14, from Leadership Promised for Every Day by John C. Maxwell, 2003 by Maxwell Motivation, Inc.

God is calling the Jewish people from America to move home to Israel in fulfillment of prophecy. The great Exodus is under way–greater than the Exodus from Egypt.

Therefore behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when they shall no more say, As the Lord lives, Who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, But, As the Lord lives, Who brought (them up) from all the countries to which I had driven them. And they shall dwell in their own land.

Jeremiah 23: 7-8 (Amplified Bible).

They need our help. Please respond and show them God’s great love. To contribute to this great move of God, click here.

Aliyah needs leaders. Please pray about your involvement. Perhaps the Lord is beckoning to you, as He said in Isaiah 49:22.

The Cringe Factor

Dr. Henry Cloud is a popular author. He talks about “the cringe factor.” The cringe factor is “that big gulp you would have to take to go forward.” Years ago, a friend told him: “My rule is this: Any time I have to cringe or take a big gulp to agree to do anything substantial with anyone, whether to hire him, work with him, or anything significant,  I don’t do it.  Period.”

Henry says, “So the lesson here is that the best way to fix a problem is not to have it in the first place. (Italics ours). Learn and listen to the little voice inside that tells you things like:

  • This doesn’t feel quite right.
  • I don’t feel comfortable doing this or agreeing to this.
  • This is not what I really want.

Henry Cloud, 9 Things a Leader Must Do, Thomas Nelson, Inc. Publishers (ISBN-13: 978-1-59145-484-7).

No Cringe Factor here: God invites us to join Him in re-gathering His people back to His Land. He rejoices to do it with all His heart and soul. Jeremiah 32:41. This was foretold in Bible passages, like Luke 21:24.

Baptist Pastor Henry Blackaby is famous for saying: when you see God working, that is your invitation to join Him.

Please accept the Lord’s invitation to join Him in this work. There are 15 families waiting to make Aliyah (move to Israel). Click here to join the Lord in His work with the Cyrus Foundation.

Read more about the re-gathering of Israel in fulfillment of Bible prophesy.

Prayer for Prosperity

This is a true story.

A Christian lady was touched by a Bible prophecy that linked her to God’s people. She was convinced that Isaiah 49:22 was a prophecy written for her. It says the Gentile Church will carry Jewish sons in their arms and Jewish daughters on their shoulders, home to Israel.

She had little money and wondered how she could join the Lord in this work. She’d read the Bible story of Exodus many times. Then, one night she read again how the Lord instructed the Israelites to gather contributions for their journey:

And the LORD said to Moses . . . . Speak now in the ears of the people, let each man ask from his neighbor, and each woman from her neighbor, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold. . . . And the LORD gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians.

Exodus 11:1-3 (One New Man Bible). The Egyptians were gentiles in whose midst the Israelites were living. This was always God’s plan (Gen. 15:14-15).

She went to her jewelry box and took out her diamonds. There was a pendant necklace, stud earrings, and her diamond wedding ring. She donated what she had to assist the Jewish people moving to Israel.  This is the time of the greater Exodus. Gold, silver, and precious stones are the traditional gift.  She said it was easy to donate to Aliyah. She loved her jewelry, but she loved the prophecy more. Please help. To make your contribution, click here.

Father, I have taken my place as your child . . . . I confess, God, You are able to make all grace–every favor and earthly blessing–come to me in abundance, so that I am always, and in all circumstances furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.

Germaine Copeland, Prayers That Avail Much Vol. 1, 1989, Word Ministries, Inc. (p. 65-66).

Praying in Jerusalem: live from the Wailing Wall!

We can join with those who are praying in Jerusalem.

Grab your tallit (a Jewish prayer shawl), and click here for a live 24/7 feed of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The feed is made available by the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

The team has advice on praying for Jerusalem. Here is a good excerpt:

A practical suggestion to help put emotion into your prayers would be to imagine what it would be like to pray for Jerusalem’s peace as if you actually lived there. In such a case you would probably say things such as, “Please stop the suicide bombings, Lord. We can’t even feel safe when eating out at a restaurant. And I’m tired, terribly tired of the daily rockets being launched against us. Then is it possible to live for a whole year without fear of a nuclear attack from somewhere like Iran? It’s all wearing on me, God.”

As you see the news reported on TV or read articles about Jerusalem in news magazines or newspapers, attempt to read them as though you lived in Israel. Allow your sanctified imagination to help you become more than a dispassionate outsider.

Pretend you are there! For up-to-the-minute news from Israel, so you have current information to pray over, go to Arutz Sheva 7.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Pray fervently for the Shalom (“Peace”) of Jerusalem!
They that love Jerusalem will have security.
Peace be within your walls, security within your palaces.
For my brothers’ and companions’ sake, I shall now say,
Peace be within you.
Because of the House of the LORD our God I shall seek your good.
Ps 122:6-9 (One New Man Bible).

Translated by William J. Morford, available here. Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yahuda contributed to the understanding of Hebrew.

This is a command to pray fervently for Jerusalem. One New Man Bible p. 943. “[W]hen we pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem, we are praying that there will not be any injustice, disorder, strife, violence, poverty, sickness, abuse, accidents, homelessness, pain, hunger, and more.”  One New Man Bible p. 1482.

“When Shalom reigns, there will be no immorality, no injustice. The principles advocated in the Torah will be followed by all. Then the command to love your neighbor will be made complete.” One New Man Bible p.1780 (“Shalom”).