Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Pray fervently for the Shalom (“Peace”) of Jerusalem!
They that love Jerusalem will have security.
Peace be within your walls, security within your palaces.
For my brothers’ and companions’ sake, I shall now say,
Peace be within you.
Because of the House of the LORD our God I shall seek your good.
Ps 122:6-9 (One New Man Bible).

Translated by William J. Morford, available here. Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yahuda contributed to the understanding of Hebrew.

This is a command to pray fervently for Jerusalem. One New Man Bible p. 943. “[W]hen we pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem, we are praying that there will not be any injustice, disorder, strife, violence, poverty, sickness, abuse, accidents, homelessness, pain, hunger, and more.”¬† One New Man Bible p. 1482.

“When Shalom reigns, there will be no immorality, no injustice. The principles advocated in the Torah will be followed by all. Then the command to love your neighbor will be made complete.” One New Man Bible p.1780 (“Shalom”).

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